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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pirates, Laundry, & WFMW

My "Works for Me Wednesday" tip involves a delicious iced coffee recipe, so I moved it over to my cooking blog. Is there anything better in warm weather than a tall glass of iced mocha coffee? If so, I haven't found it yet. :)

Today I'm off for two exciting (ha ha) adventures. First, I will tackle a mountain of laundry. I've gotten off-track again, and the piles are starting to scare me. Yikes.

Second, I have to create a pirate costume to wear to work tommorow. (I work two days a week as the Activity Director at a nursing home.) We're having a pirate day as a part of our celebration of National Nursing Home Week. I have the sneaking suspicion that I may be the only person who actually shows up in costume, but, that's OK... the residents will get a kick out of it. DD and I hit Goodwill yesterday for some pirate-esqe clothes, so today I just need to wash them and put together my ensemble. It should be lovely. I'll try to get a pic to post here.... stay tuned!

Have a great day...... and please leave me a comment if you have any pirate tips ;) or if you'd just like to say hello. (According to my counter there are a lot of lurkers lately... I know you're out there! Say hello, I promise not to bite!)


  1. coffee ice cream might be a tie.

  2. I just realized that I never answered your question about where I work. I'm social worker for a nursing home in Houston that is part of a large national company. It is NEVER dull and our population blows all the stereotypes about nursing homes out of the water. Makes life interesting for sure. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Kathy / lessons from the laundryMay 20, 2007 at 7:08 PM

    Hey Amy, I was just cleaning out my comments in mediation on my blog...I didn't know this section even existed. Anyway, it thought your tag with a thinking blog on April 24 was a spam...sorry! THanks for thinking of me.

    I LOVE iced Mocha too!! My DH will make a big pitcher in the summer. It will last a couple of days. My mom may give me her big espresso machine, she says she isn't using it...then look out. Although I have a bad Starbucks habit, don't know if I could always make it myself.

    Good luck with the Pirate Costume. Do you have a stuffed monkey or parrot to put on your shoulder??


  4. Hi Amy,

    It's frugalfriend from the Village just popping in to say Hi! First time here ~ I really like your blog and I'll have to come back! I need some motivation/new ideas in menu planning, so will have to check out your other one too. :)



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