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Monday, May 14, 2007

Tuesday's Weigh-In

OK, so it's weigh-in day for the Weightloss Challenge. And, let me tell you, I'm shocked to say that the scale this morning was down three pounds. You see, I had written a draft of this entry last night saying how I didn't lose, but I didn't gain... and then I got that pleasant surprise this morning. My weight fluctuates a pound or two over the course of a week, so I'm not saying this number won't go up again by tommorow, but I can tell you that seeing that number on my scale was a good way to start my day!

The best thing I did this week:
  • I came up with a plan to help me cut out the Mountain Dew.... it's all in the small fridge in our basement. (And please don't tell me to give it all up, I know I should, but every time I've given it up completely I wind up drinking even more of it when I start again. So, I'd rather account for it, points-wise, and cut down.) So if I want one, I have to make a conscious decision to walk all the way downstairs and get it-- that involves more thought and effort than just grabbing one in the kitchen. I've also got a pitcher of sugar-free something (pink lemonade or Tang are our current favorites) in the fridge at all times now for those sweet cravings.

The worst thing I did this week:

  • Friday: we found ourselves with a rare opportunity to go to our favorite hot wings place for the first time in many months. We went. We ate entirely too much greasy food and completely induldged ourselves... and somewhere in the middle of the meal my DH sarcastically remarks "So, how's our diet going, anyway?". He's lucky he got out of there without wearing one of my wings... I would have flung one at him, but that would have been a waste of a perfectly delicious hot wing. ;) And, truth be told, I am the one who suggested going there in the first place, so I can't blame him.

Click HERE to jump over to my cooking blog and see my carefully planned supper menu for the week, including the WW points. I decided to go back to counting Weight Watchers points, since clearly I can't be trusted to just watch portions and control myself. ;)

I hope everyone else had a good week, and I'm looking forward to reading your success stories!


  1. i would have brandished a hotwing bone at him in a threatening manner. Good job on the weight loss, let's keep it up!

  2. Good work! Your Mountain Dew plan sounds very realistic to me! Good luck this week!

  3. Lol..... i love the wing flinging thing!!!! You're as fiesty as I am!
    Well Done...... I also lost a pound..... we're headed in the right direction!

  4. Way to GO! Moderation is the key for me too...I don't drink Mountain Dew, but I LOVE a nibble of something chocolatey once in a while...so I have to have it hidden from me and I ask my hubby to get me one every now and then. lol

  5. I agree we shouldn't give up what we love, just learn to moderate the amount. I've tried many times before to completely give up certain foods and then fail. When I fail, I end up eating more of the no-no.
    Keep up the great work!

  6. Great job! I agree about the mtn dew - if you love it, keep it in moderation. I am the same way with chocolate.



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