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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

WFMW: birthday edition

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket This week's theme for Works for Me Wednesday, hosted by Rocks In My Dryer, is birthdays.

My DD turned four in April, and we continued a tradition I started a few years ago regarding sending out thank-you notes. I sit down with her at the computer, and across the top of the page we write a line or two to each person thanking them for their gift & telling what DD likes about it. Then, in the bottom right-hand corner, we print "Love, *DD's name*", just as though she was signing a letter. The text is only across the very top and the bottm corner, leaving most of the page blank, so that she can draw a picture for the person. This year, she attempted to draw a picture of each gift-- they were pretty cute!

I really didn't think much about these, until this year when her Great Grandma started asking a few days after DD's birthday to find out when she'd be getting her picture. Apparently, the grandparents really appreciate this little piece of artwork. :)

That's a simple tip, but it works for me!


  1. Great idea! My girls are always wanting to draw their thank-you notes but there's not always room for me to write to the lucky recipient. ;)

  2. I have two little ones, 6 and 7, so I know the value of those little pictures and art work they do. It's a great reminder of how they grow and mature. Their grandparents love their art work so much. There's papers from their daycare when they were toddlers still hanging on their fridge. Great Blog. Thanks for posting on mine. Come on back anytime. I got a poem about my daughter on there from yesterday if you're interested. Ben

  3. I still have two "pre-writers" and this is the smartest thank-you note suggestion EVER! We'll be starting a new tradition thanks to you!

  4. What a great idea! I'll have to do with with mine. On a separate note, where did you get your "Mom of a Preemie" button? I'd love one for my blog.

  5. Adorable idea. My daughter would have loved it. My son is more verbal, so I used get him dictate the thank-yous. They were hysterical.

  6. Thanks for the visit! I've got the Preemie Mom button added to my blog. It truly is a medal of honor in my mind. You have to go through it to understand. Thanks again!


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