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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Princess Diana

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Are you watching the tribute concert tonight? I am. I'm planning to get the kids to bed and sit on the bed folding laundry while some great musicians pay tribute to a great lady. I saw the interview last week with her sons, and it seems that this is a very special project to them, and something they've put a lot of work into themselves... it wasn't all done by their staff. I'm hoping it will be a great show.

I was among the millions who watched her with fascination years ago. I'm not usually all that impressed with famous people, but there was something special about Princess Diana... she always seemed like one of those people you'd like to know in real life. I can still remember the day she died... I came downstairs (I was still living at my parents' house then) and my mom told me the news, then handed me the newspaper with the giant headlines. We sat and watched TV coverage of the accident for a while.

It's amazing to me how much she is still in the media today. Photos, books, benefits, exhibits of her gowns... she's everywhere. I even have a recipe bookmarked that was allegedly her favorite birthday cake... it has strawberries and whipped cream, and it sounds wonderful!

I guess we'll never know what all she would have accomplished in our world... may she rest in peace.


  1. It was on this AM/early afternoon here in Canada. I saw many bits and pieces and thought it was pretty good. A very nice tribute. Make SURE you stay watching to the end.

  2. I didn't watch the tribute but I've been catching up on it all day. I agree there was just "something" about her.

    I still remember that my (future) husband and I were watching Saturday Night Live when the news broke about her death. So, so tragic and sad.


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