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Monday, August 27, 2007

Seriously, BB fans...

... what is going on with Big Brother? Naked houseguests covered by bubbles?? I'm guessing that's some sort of attempt to draw in viewers. The show seems to be going downhill fast!

It looks like Dick might just make it to the end at this rate, despite his temper and childish behavior. The only person I really like in the house anymore is Eric, and I'm afraid that being America's Player might hurt his chances of making it to the end.

And please, I'm still begging them, get rid of Amber! It was bad enough when she was just crying at the drop of a hat, but now she's added in the weird out-loud praying (which does not appear at all sincere to me) and her claim that God told her she would win BB. Puuulllleeeezzze! And just today, the hot topic online is her latest show of her lovely personality- she's been making some anti-semitic comments. Gee, her family must be so proud.

BB fans... who do you want to win?


  1. ok I am obsessed w/ bb, but not really sure why. oh I agree about amber! she drives me crazy!!!!!!!! ok is it just me, but when she prays why does she say God bless you to God??? I dont like Eric either he is too nervous all the time. I do like evil and Danielle

  2. At this point, I'm hoping Zach scoots by and wins! LOL!


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