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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Online photos?

That's My Answer has a question of the day: So, tell us, do you order photos online? Or the old fashioned way? And do you order photographic gifts too?
It's funny timing on this question, because tonight I am online ordering photo gifts for Grandparents' Day. (It's next Sunday if you weren't aware of it!) I'm not putting any detail here on the crazy off-chance that my family decides to read my blog this week, but, suffices to say, there are some fun online photo options out there. :) I order all of my photos online, too... although rather than pay for shipping, I usually use the one-hour option and pick them up at my local superstore while I'm there getting groceries or other items. What about you... how do you order your photos?

Edited 9/3 to add: After I lost a bunch of photos that were on my hard drive in the great computer crash, I learned that even if I'm not printing them, I need to get them burned to disc ASAP!


  1. Hey Amy, when we get hardcopies of photos, I usually do it online through snapfish. We tried the Walmart photo option but have had problems with walmart online anything everytime we've tried. No more walmart online for us. Lesson learned. We've always been very happy with snapfish! Enjoy your photos!

  2. Happy Birthday to you too!!

    And btw - I haven't even HAD hard copies of photos in a long time!! They're all on my computer. :P

  3. I've been doing so much digital scrapbooking, I haven't needed hardcopies in a while. When I do, I use Wolf Camera locally or Kodakgallery.com.


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