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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Can I alter a photo box?

I'm contemplating altering a photo storage box, and wondering if anyone has tried this? My main concern is whether or not I can use ModgePodge on the box, or if it will bubble up a lot. The box is a standard video/photo storage box (like this), purchased half-price ($2) at Hobby Lobby. Any tips? Tricks? Advice?
p.s. I might also post this question over at Splitcoast Stampers (my new online obsession- I'm probably spending 90% of my online time there!) and see if anyone has any advice.


  1. I think if you sanded the box before putting the paper and Modge Podge on you'd be fine. You could always test a small spot on there first and know for sure. :)

  2. Last time I tried to alter a paper mache box the box expanded with the application of the glue and paint. I don't know if this would apply to a box that already has been processed, etc. If you want to alter stuff, I bought some $1 clipboards at Family Dollar and am making a lot for Christmas :)

    And a warning from one Christian to another, stay out of the CE forums at SCS. I am no longer a member there due to the major name calling and other mean spirited things. I also had someone post a curse on my blog because she got mad at me. Just be careful. You can view the gallery without being a member.

    God bless,

  3. Hi sister,
    I actually made some photo boxes for some of my friends for graduation. I used modge podge to cover them in pictures from high school, and the only problem that i had was that some of the ink from the pictures (which I printed from the computer) ran and got smudged if I wasn't extremely careful...hope that helps!


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