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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Scrappin' #9

Sunday Scrappin’ TA-DA's: Last week, as you may recall, I was working on assembling my new craft cabinet and setting up part of our computer room to be my new craft area. Well, I got DH to carry the cabinet box into the room, then I tried to lift it and start assembling the cabinet on my own while he was gone. Tried is the operative word there. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that that box weighed 80lbs, and I managed to pull a couple of muscles in my back because of the way I was trying to lift it. So ::sigh: it's still in pieces. I got all the pieces out, and will be able to put it together myself, but this past week with a sore back I just didn't feel like crawling around on the floor doing it. Maybe I'll bribe DH into doing it on his next day off.... :) In the meantime, I do have to table up, and I've brought about 1/3 of my craft supplies in here:

I also created and sent out a swap that was due- nothing to show, though, as it was just writing a letter about your favorite craft. I'm looking forward to receiving the ones from my swap partners, though- I might find yet another craft to try. ;)

TO-DO's: Well, obviously, get the craft cabinet together. This afternoon I'm working on my card for Beachy's Craft Challenge- the idea has been in my head for a few days, so I'd like to actually get it done. And, I need to finish the scrapbook layout I've started of my kids in cowboy hats-- I'm going to frame it and hang it in our family room. (I have a 12x12" frame that I bought years ago for something else and have never used- time to make use of it!) I have the pieces laid out here on the computer desk- I just need a few kid-free moments to put it all together.

For this week's "bonus question": If you could only do one kind of paper crafts for the rest of your life, which craft would you pick? This is a hard question... and I'm the one who wrote it, LOL! I'm really into the cardmaking right now, but, I think if I could only pick one thing, I'd probably pick scrapbooking, so that my kids would have great albums from their childhood.

And on a side note, have you seen this amazing craft cabinet??? If I ever won the lottery (of course I'd have to start playing) I'd buy something like this. :)

If you do any sort of paper crafts, not just scrapbooking, I hope you'll join us over at Sunday Scrappin'!


  1. When I started scrapping and then cardmaking/stamping, I didn't have much in the way of supplies. So all I needed was a table and a small box or two to hold what supplies I had. Now it's nearly a year later and I've suddenly realized...I need something to organize all this stuff! Where'd it all come from?

  2. I hope you are able to get your cabinet together. I'd LOVE some more space but for now it's all in a tote on wheels that I pull to and from the table -- maybe that's why I don't get much done. Oh and I really like that other cabinet but I would end up spending way more money to fill it up. Have a great week!

  3. Seems like everyone is getting their spaces and stash organized, so I think I will have to do that too. :) Hope your back is feeling better soon. :)

  4. WOW BE CAREFUL! Just think, if you get hurt it would be much harder to sit and scrap! THEN where would you be ;-) Good luck getting it together this week {I vote for bribbing the DH ;-)} and that framed layout sounds like a cute idea! Can't wait to see pics next week!

  5. I'd offer to come over and help but I don't know how much we'd get done with my three little ones running around LOL I will pray your back feels better soon. A chiro is great for that stuff. I have seen that craft cabinent and DH laughed when I showed it to him both because of the price and we have absolutely no space for it in our house.
    Well off to start school.
    God bless,


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