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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

China: an update from inside

If you're anything like me, the devestation in China can seem unreal, like it's just a movie or a fiction book. I want to share something I received from a high school friend who has been doing humanitarian aid in China for several years. I'm not usually prone to sharing this sort of thing on my blog, but knowing someone who is actually there in the midst of this has really touched me.

Today at 7:05am

Earthquake Update May 20th:This morning's numbers are: 35,000 dead, more than 5,000 still buried in the rubble, and more than 250,000 injured. Unfortunately the numbers of the dead will still continue to rise.

Yesterday one of our volunteers came across an elderly woman who is the only survivor of her village. The entire place was swept away by a landslide. The older woman only survived because she was away from the village at the time.

Amidst the endless sorrow good things are also happening. Last night some of our volunteers went to a refugee camp where they started to play songs and dance with the children there. It turned into a huge party with lots of fun. It seems so incongruent, but it may help some of these children deal with the severe trauma they are experiencing.

Other volunteers are going up trails with army personnel to villages that are still isolated. They found one village where the people had three bottles of water between all of them. They had not had news that they could hike down to a main road where water is handed out. Volunteers that take the time to find even the smallest places bring new hope to people who feel forgotten and overlooked.

Now that we have two warehouses, dorm facilities and an office up and running in Mianyang, we are beginning to focus on Wenchuan and Maoxian counties. The roads to both counties are still not open, but we are working on permissions to bring in medical supplies and other goods by roundabout routes. The government is asking for, among other things, tents, as the rainy season is approaching and many still do not have adequate shelter.

So far you have donated $82,000 USD. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. This is just the start as we meet the basic needs of food, water, and shelter we will start looking ahead to the coming months of helping these victims rebuild their lives, homes, and communities. Please continue to pass along these updates to your friends and family and continue to visit our website at www.alphacommunities.org for updates and to donate to help the relief effort.


My prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy.

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  1. My heart aches for those in China and Myanmar. I pray that they find God's peace in the midst of all the turmoil. The families who are only allowed one child - how their hearts must grieve. I am glad that we live in a country where aid is welcome if needed and we can live our lives but still it is times like these that I know some of us seem to take what we have for granted. Many prayers to all the survivors and victims of these natural disasters. Also for those in Florida with the wild fires sweeping over the land there.

    God bless


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