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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Laundry cooties

Photobucket I've always been picky about sorting my laundry... whites, darks, towels, light colors. Each category needs a separate temperature and setting, at least in my mind. It grosses me out to wash certain items in cold- I just have always felt like some things have cooties that require hot water in order for me to feel like they are really clean.

My DH, on the other hand, regularly tells people that all of his clothes "are friends" and that he "doesn't like to discriminate", meaning that everything he washes goes into one load on cold. Ick. (Hence the reason that laundry is solely my domain. Between the cold washes and his habit of drying everything on high, I have banned DH from the laundry room!) And yes, he knows I'm blogging this, and he still stands by his laundry theory. ;)

Well, now there is scientific proof behind my need to sort and use various temperatures. Check out this article over at Blissfully Domestic RE: e-coli in your washing machine. Can we all say a collective "eeeeeeeeeeew"?


  1. Hi Amy,
    okay I am with your DH on this one LOL. My DH only wants us using cold so that is what we do. Occasionally I will use hot in our towels and other unmentionables but usually it's cold. I guess it stems from my days in the Navy where I didn't have time to do seperate loads of everything so everything went in one washer when we reached a port.

  2. Hmm...very interesting!! Thanks for sharing that link Amy! :)


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