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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden: offensive to Catholics

If you've visited any Christian blogs today, you've probably noticed Christian bloggy-land is vibrating with reactions to the announcement that Joe Biden has been named as Barak Obama's running mate.

Joe Biden's appointment as Obama's running mate just made it easier for all Christians, especially Catholics, to vote against this pro-choice team. Biden is a strong abortion advocate, and many Catholics are offended by this position as Biden also claims to be a faithful Catholic. (I would be remiss if I didn't mention here that John McCain has a stong voting record against abortion. McCain has cast 31 pro-life votes since 1997. )

Remember the controversy in 2004 when John Kerry spoke out for abortion "rights", but still wanted to receive communion in Catholic churches? Here we go again... it's sure to stir up some more controversy with Joe Biden in the spotlight. The Pope declared in 2007 that pro-life Catholic politicians shouldn't be receiving communion, yet as recently as April 2008, it was still happening.

Personally, I feel that politicians aren't any different from the rest of us- I just don't know the political views of the person sitting across the aisle from me during mass because he/she is not on tv talking about them. I think it's up to the individual to determine if they are in an appropriate state of grace to be receiving the sacrament... after all, nobody else knows what's in their heart.

At any rate, I think this will be a big story for a quite a while- Catholics everywhere, myself included, spoke out against John Kerry for using the church's teachings only when it suited him, and Biden won't be any different. I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter!


  1. Ahhhh.....I wondered which friend would be posting on this and it's Amy :D I was going to but DH and I have already discussed this enough LOL. I am not Catholic but even I can see that Obama without Biden was a bad, bad choice for President and his choice for VP is just as bad. I shudder to think about these men running our country. Not to mention Obama's history of voting against the Born Alive act, which would protect infants born alive during an abortion from infanticide. He obviously does not value life and belonging to a liberal Christian church does not make one a Christian, like I pointed out on another blog eating beef doesn't make me a cow just like claiming to be Christian doesn't make one a Christian unless you truly embrace Christ, The Bible and His teachings including thou shall not murder!
    Okay off my soap and back to Amy's regularally scheduled programming.

    God bless,

  2. I don't usually blog about politics, although I have strong opinions, and they lean toward the conservative side.

    I'm afraid that Obama has already won this election. I can't even begin to tell you how much I fear for this country with him as our leader. And now Biden. It's a scary thought, but the public is so swayed by him. No one questions anything he says or does. They take everything at face value and let him off the hook when he sidesteps a direct question.

    I'm gonna stop now because I will probably make some people mad.

    No. One more thing. When I open web sites, I often see ads for Obama's campaign but never see them for McCain. I wonder why.

  3. forgetfulone, I don't think Obama has this wrapped up, yet. JMO. I am also not voting for McCain. I have no idea who I am voting for. Amy, knows how I feel so I don't think she will be bothered by me saying that :) Yes I fear for our country if he or McCain gets elected but it is all in God's hands and He already knows the outcome.


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