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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Frugal Alert: $20 a cart full!

Today I went to a mall that I rarely visit, and discovered that the Steve & Barry's there was down to the "everything must go" stage. (Apparently many of the Steve and Barry's stores are closing.) The sign at the door said things were $2.98 each, $10 a bag, OR $20 for everything you could stuff into a shopping cart. You can guess what I went for....
Some of these things will fit both of my kids, a couple of shirts for me, one for my husband (there was practically nothing left in men's above a size S), and one whole stack is t-shirts for my sisters who wear junior's sizes. The six hats up on top are headed for the Bingo box at work, and one for my dad (his college logo). The shoe pile? Well, I have three sisters... and we'll all be set for flip-flops next summer. :)

Click here to see if there's a closing Steve & Barry's near you so you can fill your own cart with bargain clothing!


  1. Hey, Amy. Where is this sale good at? I'd like to see if I can make to our SB before closing today :) This would make great Christmas.

  2. Awesome! We have a Steve & Barry's not far from here. Love those flip flops.

  3. How much did this cost your husband and I bet he was happy if all the items will be used but I bet he will find the clothes in the garage the next times he cleans.

  4. Dear Anonymous-who-sounds-just-like-my-husband, ;)
    All the items are already bagged for various sisters and sorted into piles for people within this house. We'll deliver them on Thanksgiving at the family dinner, and you won't find any in the garage. As for the cost, please see the photo and the giant yellow caption.
    Anonymous' wife


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