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Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 5/18

Another busy week here, so I'm sticking with family favorites. All of these recipes are tried and true!

  • SUNDAY: crockpot BBQ chicken drumsticks, corn on the cob
  • MONDAY: meatloaf (made ahead & frozen), Mexican Twice Baked Potatoes, peas
  • TUESDAY: broiled pork chops, rice, steamed broccoli
  • WEDNESDAY: *Breaking in the new grill!* my hamburgers & potatoes
    I'll be using my mom's recipe for grilled potatoes: Take as many baking potatoes as you have people. Make cuts width-wise through them every inch or so, but don't cut all the way through- leave half an inch or so attached at the bottom. Place pats of butter and thick onion slices into the cuts. Wrap in foil and grill until potato is cooked through and becoming crispy on the edges. Yum!
  • THURSDAY: kielbasa, alfredo noodles, corn
  • FRIDAY: roast chicken in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, green beans
  • SATURDAY: a chicken casserole of some sort

*My parents generously gifted us with a new grill for Christmas. I can't wait to get it put together and start using it this week! :)

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! I've got to try making meatloaf in advance and freezing it. It's a family favorite, but I don't make it as often as they'd like.

    Thanks for the recipe for crockpot roasted chicken, too. I've been buying the roaster chickens on sale, but the weather is getting too warm to heat up the oven. Have you seen the McCormick rotisserie chicken seasoning? My sister recommended it, and it really does make chicken taste like the ones from the deli. :)

  2. Yum! Mexican twice baked potatoes sounds good! That tip on grilled potatoes is great, I'll definitely keep that one in mind. Thanks so much for sharing! :) Happy eating!


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