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Friday, August 7, 2009

Abortion Doesn't Belong in "Health Care"


I am so tired of hearing about the proposed healthcare "reform" and the crazy paid people who show up and scream at town hall meetings. I saw a man on the news tonight who was screaming about "keeping the government out of Medicare"... ummm, hello? Who does he think runs that program now? ::sigh::

I strongly oppose the whole mess myself, for several reasons, but I don't think that screaming is accomplishing anything. I think it's our duty as Americans to become as educated about the issues as possible, and then act like reasonable people in expressing our views.

Want an easy (non-screaming) way to express your ProLIFE views? Click the pink button above and sign the petition. From there you can also write letters to your representatives and read more details on what the proposed "reforms" might mean.

This quote, swiped directly from the Happy Catholic, sums things up pretty well for me: Catholics want to "extend health care to as many people as possible...but you can't call it health care if it includes a type of killing. It's as simple as that."
Cathleen Kaveny, law and theology professor
University of Notre Dame
quoted in the Wall Street Journal

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