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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WFMW: $8 Greenhouse for Brown Thumbs

Ferry Morse Seed Co 5032 Jiffy Professional GreenhouseDo you have Spring planting fever yet? I do!  By July, I'm tired of yard work. My flowers get watered, big weeds pulled, and that's about it.  But right now... I'd happily empty my bank account on plants and seeds for the yard.

 Last week, during Spring Break, the kids and I started a bunch of flower seeds in one of those Jiffy seed greenhouses.  I'd never tried one before but have been looking at them the last few years.  Seeing as I mostly have a brown thumb when it comes to indoor plants, I've always been leery of trying my own seedlings-- I figured they wouldn't live long enough to make it outdoors.   (Why is it that I'm ok with outdoor plants, but the indoor ones need my husband's care to survive??)  

This one was really quick and easy-- pour in some water, push your seeds down in the peat pellets, and *poof* you're done.   Most of our flowers have sprouted and we have 2" seedlings growing.  It was SO easy, and the kids really enjoyed it.   We've all enjoyed checking on our "baby flowers" each day.

It was also frugal-- all together, I spent about $8 for the greenhouse kit and the seeds, which is less than one flat of flowers.  Next year it will cost even less- I'll just need the peat pellets and flower seeds.  Around here, $8 won't even buy a flat of summer annuals... and hopefully we'll wind up with even more plants for our money. 

And yes.... I do realize that those of you with green thumbs could do this even cheaper with paper cups and dirt from the yard.  But, since I've saved money by not killing off the seedlings  so far and therefore completely wasting our time/money, this is still a pretty frugal project in my book!
Using a "cheat" kit to grow our own flowers from seeds definitely works for me. Check out more WFMW tips HERE

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  1. Hi just stopping by from the UBP 2010! Glad your seeds worked out for you! Our soil here is so tough (shale) that I just buy plants. Little ones couldn't hack it! Joni

  2. Hmmm that happen to me too. Plants outside are fine (as long as the dogs or my 10 month old doesn't get ahold of them...) but inside ones don't grow or just die. This is something I will be looking into, thanks!

  3. I've used these greenhouses very successfully last year to start some perennials from seed. Worked great and I have a gorgeous purple coneflower now.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't wise about where I stored the plastic trays the rest of the year, because they ended up getting smooshed into the back of the garage storage closet.


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