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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bible Challenge

MomsToolboxOn Monday I'm starting a challenge that I'm actually a little intimidated by... I've signed up @ Mom's ToolBox to read the entire Bible in 90 days.   I've read much of the Bible, of course, but I've never sat down and made a concentrated effort to read every single word.

I had a concern about the so-called "extra books" in my Catholic Bible, because this program uses a protestant Bible.  I checked out the official ministry site, and found that the program had been hosted by Catholic churches in the past.  So,  it seems like this must be do-able.  I think I'll just add the apocrypha books in when I can- or maybe I'll do them the end.   

The program offers their own edition of the Bible for ease of reading, and it does look like it would make things simpler.  However, purchasing their Bible is not required, and buying anything extra isn't in my budget right now.   I will use my own Bible and follow the reading schedule instead.  I have two Catholic translations of the Bible... a Women's Devotional Catholic Bible  (NRSV), and an easy-to-read one: The Way Catholic Bible.  (We also have a large KJV Family Bible that was a gift... but it doesn't contain the apocrypha books.)   I normally read the different translations at different times, sometimes reading the same passage in both to try and understand what a particular passage is really saying.  I'm not sure which one I'll use for this challenge... I might rotate!

As I said, I'm intimidated by this challenge.  But I found myself drawn to the posts describing the program over and over, so I took that as a sign, took a deep breath, and signed myself up.   If you want to join in, here's the link to the official Bible in 90 Days signup.

I'd love to hear from you if you're taking this challenge!

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  1. I'm doing it too! I got a copy of their Bible because I'm scared enough about finishing without making it any more challenging for myself. And FWIW, I'm Catholic too, but I figured this is so much more than I've ever read before, even if I have to do the "extras" later, I'm going to end way ahead of where I am now.
    Good luck! (And I'll be interested which Bible you end up using!)

  2. MemeGRL-- Good point!! I got to thinking about your comment last night, and you're right... maybe setting ourselves up to make it easier is a better way to go. AND...it turns out that I have an Amazon credit that's about twenty cents more than the cost of ordering this Bible. Maybe I should order it? I think I'm going to try the first few days and see how it goes and then decide.


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