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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday messed with my Menu {but I have a plan}

It's been a heck of a week around here... yes, already! Around midnight on Sunday we discovered that our upright freezer had died, leaving a gross mess.  We salvaged what we could... of course this happened not long after we'd purchased 1/4 of beef.  Let's just say that clean-up was ugly (we bleached everything) and tossing part of that prime meat was painful. We did decide that we'd rather pitch meat that was questionable than take a chance on food poisoning.... but still, it's hard to do!

Monday afternoon we went to order a new freezer.  That was definitely not planned in the budget,  but necessary.  I buy all our meats in bulk, I buy bread several loaves at a time at the local bread outlet, and I make/freeze dishes ahead when I can.  None of that is possible if we're limited to the small drawer freezer on our regular fridge. 

So... belated as it is, I do still have a menu plan.  I had to change some things around try to work with what we have left- which means no chicken or pork, other than some kielbasa. You'll notice it's all quick and easy meals this week-- I felt like that was a safe way to go considering how the week started!

  • MONDAY:  bacon, scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes, cinnamon rolls
  • TUESDAY:  new recipe: simmered round steak, our favorite cheesy ranch potatoes,, green beans  (I'm going to try putting the round steak in the crockpot for the afternoon instead of baking it.)
  • WEDNESDAY:  one of my favorite soups: tomato-basil soup & grilled cheese or cold meat sandwiches
  • THURSDAY:  kielbasa, macaroni, tomatoes
  • FRIDAY:  crockpot Mexican beef roast  (a family favorite- roast beef, taco seasoning, salsa) on tortillas with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, etc
  • SATURDAY:  It's Pizza Night here every Saturday- we pretty much always have some variety of homemade pizza and tossed salad. This week I'm going to try and talk the kids into trying ham & pineapple!  :)

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