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Friday, September 21, 2012

Pillow Pen Pals

This post was originally published a couple of weeks ago, but we are enjoying this activity so much that I decided it was a perfect post to bump up and share on WFMW!

The kids and I have recently become "pillow pen pals".  I got the general idea from a post on Pinterest, where a mom posted the journal that she and her daughter share... and said she got the idea from another blogger, who got it from another blogger, and so on.  Obviously this is a fun idea that's making the rounds in blog-land!

I loved the idea, so I put my own spin on it: simply using two notebooks from my school supply stash and hiding them under the kids' pillows for them to discover the first night.  It turns out that my kids have loved it!

For my daughter, age 9, I write a short note each day.  I try to end it with a question for her to answer when she writes back.  She quickly picked up on that and starting ending with questions of her own for me.   I'm surprised by the things she asks... what exactly I do all day at work, for example. Who knew that she even thought about that?  :)

For my son, age 6, I keep things very simple.  I print one or two lines each day asking him an open-ended question.  (I use simple words but his sister usually reads his to him anyway.)  I'm trying to encourage him to practice his writing.  Sometimes I get a full sentence or two, and other times I get one-word answers.  Since he is not one to share a lot, I'm finding that sometimes his answers surprise me... like the night he write that the thunderstorm was "scary", even though he never said a word while it was storming

 I refuse to correct grammar or spelling in these notes, because I don't want this to feel like a school assignment.   It's become a lot of fun for all of us, and reading their sweet notes to me has quickly become my favorite part of the day.

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  1. thanks for sharing..

  2. Very cute! That is a great way just to get a window into their little hearts and minds! Thanks for this!


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