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Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Meanderings 10/29

Monday Meanderings is hosted by Tiany @ Less of Me, More of Him. Each Monday, participants blog about things they want to accomplish in five different areas (the listed categories) this week. Here's my list:
  • Bible Study/ Devotions: I'm still working my way through Women of Faith Study Guide Series: Managing Your Moods . I also just got Beth Moore's "Get Out of that Pit" from the library, and I'm looking forward to reading it this week.
  • Must Do: Make an anniversary card for my parents, mail the card as a part of the surprise card shower we're throwing them, organize DS's medical notebook before our meeting on Tuesday with his therapists, post my Bloggy Giveaway for the carnival. Plus the usual laundry, errands, and other household stuff.
  • Zone (housecleaning): This week I'm working on weeding out our closets-- all of us have old clothing that needs to be purged.
  • Train Them Up: This last week has been hectic, and we've gotten out of our bedtime routine with DD (age 4). This week I'll try to get us back on track.
  • Menu Planning: I always menu plan on Sunday nights. You can see our menu for this week HERE on my cooking blog.

P.S. I posted my Bloggy Giveaway HERE- if you like to scrapbook, you won't want to miss it!

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Have you done your breast self-exam this month?


  1. What a wonderful and busy week you have ahead of you. Hope everyting goes smoothly.
    Blessings, Barbara

  2. I hope you have a prodcutive and blessed week! Your devotions sounds great, I am going to look into it. :-)



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