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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Scrappin'

TA DA's: I'm finally sharing a pic of the cover I did for my personal planner... though, for the record, it's still a work in progress! (I still want to do something with the divider tabs.) Right now, it's basically a piece of one of my favorite DPs decorated with some eyelets and brads. Originally I had tied numerous ribbon pieces down the spine, but I decided that look really didn't work on this particular book. I also made a coordinating RSVP pen to match.
I spent most of yesterday at my parents' house with my sisters, making baby shower invitations for another sister. I designed them, and we all sat around stamping and folding them. They're not completely finished yet- they still need ribbon across the front, and the information cards have to be finished once we get a confirmation on our location. Hopefully we'll get these out by the end of the week, though.

TO DO's: Finish those baby shower invitations!
If you do any sort of paper crafts, I hope you'll join us at Sunday Scrappin'!


  1. Great work! The paper on your planner is cute. I like the baby shower invites too. Happy scrapping! I haven't been scrappy lately so I don't have anything posted but still like checking out other work.

  2. Very pretty cover. The baby invitations are adorable.

  3. Very cute baby invites! You have some great ideas. The dp is awesome too!

  4. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!


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