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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Good Day

Yesterday was a big day at my house!

First, my "baby" boy turned five.  After months of counting down to his birthday, it finally arrived.  We had his family party Monday night (grandparents, aunts, cousins) and then it was just us at home on Tuesday.  He has enjoyed playing with his new toys all day.  Next weekend we'll go see the Cars 2 movie that he's been looking forward to, so his birthday celebration will really be stretched out for a week.  He's happy with that.

Second, DD started wearing her CGM.  (For those outside the diabetes world, this is a small device that automatically reads her blood sugars constantly throughout the day.)  DD has really not wanted it, and we've been walking that fine line between forcing it on her and allowing it to be her choice. 

And here's the best part.... she has been the one watching the graph and the trends on the CGM receiver.  She has been the one getting excited when it alarms and I'm able to adjust her insulin pump to bring her back into range.  She actually told me around bedtime last night that not only is the CGM much better than she thought it would be, but she actually "loves" it.... of course this was right after she had gotten an extra snack because the CGM alerted us that her blood sugar was crashing.  :)

Of course I know that it won't be all sunshine and roses with the new CGM.... but our concerns were about just getting through the first day.  So far, so good!

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  1. I am a new follower from The Pettijohn's and I am happy you got the blood sugar figured out. That can be scary business as I am sure you know. I have had family with it. Good luck and neat blog.

  2. I understand the fine line between forcing and letting them decide. For us Hannah had to decide for herself to wear her brace - I think it finally took her dr showing her the xray of a girl who just had surgery and seeing all the rods and such in her back to get her into wanting to wear it.

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited she is wearing her CGM now! Does this mean more sleep for Mommy once she's had it for a while?


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